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What are the limitations of this tool?

  • Huge LDD model (biggest I tried was 4200 pieces)
  • Multicolored elements may be incorrectly matched when you import an LDD file
  • Decorations are not supported when uploading an LDD file (careful with those mini figures…)
  • Some bricks and pieces might not match correctly if the colour is available twice under different Element ID in the shop.

Where are the prices coming from?

From the official The LEGO Group Bricks and Pieces customer support website. Prices are based on the currency selected.

What are you doing with LDD files once uploaded?

The LDD files are analyzed and then destroyed.

What is LDD?

LDD stands for Lego Digital Designer. Give it a try, it’s really cool!

Why are multicoloured parts are not automatically found?

Matching those multicoloured parts to the Lego website is tricky because LEGO doesn’t use a straightforward color code for those elements. You have to keep and eye on those and modify them manually. Using customs lists can help you do that!

Why do I need to select a country?

The country selected dictate the store and currency the parts will be fetched from. Select the country you would normally buy from.

Can I save for later or modify the list of bricks from my LDD model?

Yes! Simply create a custom lists!

How can I create a list ?

Step 1: Register for an account so I can associate your list to you Step 2: Hit the “Create list” button and start adding bricks to it or upload an LDD file and hit the big green save button.

Why do I need to register ? Do I have to use my real email? I don’t want spammy spam!!!

So you can find your list later. No email will be sent to you unless you ask for it. Your email address is only used to keep track of who you are and act as a unique identifier. It’s also used to reset your password (which is, of course, encrypted in our database) in case you forget it. So use your real email or not, I don’t care, but don’t complain if you forgot your password! Oh and you can delete your account any time you want. It’s so easy you might do it by mistake (ok maybe not).

So what happens if I lose my password?

This feature will be there very soon. In the meantime, send an email at if you need help.

I have a problem / question / suggestion

You can find me on the Eurobricks forum or contact me by email.