Bricks & Pieces helper goal is to help you find the value of your Lego Digital Designer (LDD) model and other bricks on The LEGO Group Bricks and Pieces customer support website. Finding the bricks you want on the official website can be a long and arduous task since every brick must be searched one by one.

This website will help you find the value of your LDD model more quickly and easily by automatically searching for all the bricks and pieces in one simple action. Just upload your model and you’re done! You can also manually search for sets and individual bricks the same way you can find them on the official website. If you want to be even more productive, you can even search for multiple sets or bricks at once using a comma separated list to see what bricks and color are available in your country and the cost of the individual bricks. Customizable lists can also be created to keep tracks of the bricks you need! Keep an eye on the changelog since some more feature might be added in the future.

Of course, this website is not sponsored, authorized or endorsed by The LEGO Group ;).